THEME NIGHT 60's etc

This is what we call FUN

Your very own theme party!

Entertain your guests at your next event. Have a theme night of entertainment including a quiz, music bingo and a sing-along hosted by Pops of the Top

Give your friends a chance to test their knowledge, have fun and win prizes.....then end it with a good knees up as we sing songs from the period.

Try our 60's show. We provide a 60's quiz (how much can you remember)? A few rounds of music bingo always go down well....and if you want to make it harder we won't introduce the songs..... you'll have to rely on your memory.

We can then round off the evening singing your favourite songs along with your Pops of the Top host

This package is also available with a 70's or 80's theme.

If you have your own choice of theme just ask.

We can arrange your event around any subject you wish. You choose.